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Invyts lets you invite, remind, receive gifts, and celebrate special moments with your loved ones with zero stress.

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Wedding Invitation
Be Unique

Create a memmorable invitation. One that will stay in the heads of your invitees for a lifetime. Lots of templates and features to make the invitation to your special day stand out.  

Why Invyts ?
The Benefits
Send Invites Quickly and Easily

Share your invitation link to your loved ones by WhatsApp or SMS from the comfort of your home. No more printing invitation cards. You can even share your link on social media platforms to generate buzz.

Better and Faster Attendance Reporting

No more guess work. Invyts makes it so simple for your invitees to respond. It shows you a clear list of who is coming and how many are coming, so you can plan accordingly.

More Cash Gifts

With Invyts, your loved ones can send you cash gifts via Mobile Money on all networks and credit and debit cards across the globe. It makes it so easy for your loved ones to give to support your ceremony, even if they can't attend.

Automated Reminders to Invitees

Invyts sends timely automated SMS reminders to your invitees so they don't miss your big day. Loved ones are also reminded to give gifts if you choose to.

Digital Well-Wishes / Condolences

Loved ones can send their wishes or condolences straight from their phones. Invyts keeps them in one place for you to read.

Stress-Free Venue Direction

On the day of the event, Invyts directs your guests to the venue so you can focus on hosting the perfect ceremony. Your invitees can access map navigation with a click of a button.

Good for ceremonies of all kinds.

Use Cases
Weddings & Engagements
Weddings & Engagements

Tie the knot the modern way. Invite and celebrate with loved ones.

Naming Ceremonies
Naming Ceremonies

Welcome your new baby with a lovely page for him/her. Invite and celebrate with loved ones.


Completed a milestone in life? Honor it with a page to invite and celebrate with loved ones  


Celebrate life with a page to honor and show last respect for the late.


My page looked superb, and I didn't have to worry about reminding my guests or directing them on the wedding day. If I ever had to get married again, I'd definitely use it the second time too.

Event Host

Martin Owusu


Baby Ansu will forever be grateful to Invyts. It was easy taking donations on my sons naming ceremony page. I loved reading the well wishes that came through too. Invyts is the future of celebrating ceremonies indeed

Event Host

Jessica Ansu


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